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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bugs 3

I have a new-found appreciation for bugs…not that I’ve come to like them, rather I appreciate them a whole lot more than I used to, and have become fascinated with them – their looks, their purpose, why they all seem to appear at Ridgeview…they truly are fascinating.  

Spider on a broad-leafed weed...if anyone can tell me what it is, please do.

Lappet Moth - July 12, 2013
Tent Catepillar Moth - July 15, 2013
Underside of Tent Catepillar Moth
In the last week or so, I’ve been paying attention to moths in particular.  These interesting creatures often fly around me when I’m on a walk in the field or playing in the yard.  They appear on my door each morning, and stick around for hours, almost as if they’re trying to discover and observe what’s on the other side of the door – fascinated with us, just as much as I’m fascinated with them.  I have so many questions for them – Where do they come from? Why do they look the way they do? Why are they here? What do they do? What do they eat? What other interesting creatures are coming to commune in my yard? – but haven’t yet taken the time to ask.       

Blood-thirsty mosquito - July 14, 2013
My recent experience with mosquitoes and flies also fascinates me.  On the weekend, I was lounging and reading on my outdoor bench, near the cedar rail fence where mosquitoes frequently take over.  A small dear fly had been circling around me, landing on my arm a few times then flying off when I told it that I’m not food.  Not once did it bite me, and not once did I swat at it.  I sat there for an hour before my oldest son came out to see me.  The mosquitoes immediately swarmed him and started biting him as he swatted them away.  I wondered, why are they swarming him, having sat here only a minute, and not me when I’ve been here for an hour?   I concluded that it was because I didn’t care to be afraid of them and swat at them, so they left me alone for the most part (that, or they had heard that my blood wasn’t so sweet :-) which is hard to believe given the amount of chocolate I like to eat :-)).  I did notice that after my son left me, a few decided they would try to feast on me.  I kindly communicated that I was not here to be their food – some left, others were politely flipped away or squashed as they sunk their daggers into my skin. 

A few years ago, if I had seen a bug, I would have run the other way, or grabbed something to swat it dead.  Now, I find myself observing them, communing with them and taking their pictures to share with others.  This new awakening to such things in nature has me wondering – Why did I take my fear of these things so seriously for all these years?  Why do I take ANY fears so seriously?  Really, what IS there truly to fear? ... The answer is fascinating and a true awakening for me ... NOTHING!!!  How fascinating it is to fear NOTHING ... how FREEING it is, wouldn't you agree?!?!