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Friday, November 25, 2011


It's hard to believe that 15 months ago, our home was a dated 35-year old wood structure with overgrown shrubs, vines, brush and fallen trees that seemed to be dying.  It was difficult to picture how we would revive it and make it full of life again.  Although our country home is far from being a completed masterpiece, a lot has been done in these past months - paved driveway, removed shrubs, replaced windows and doors, replaced roofs, painted, and now on our way to re-siding the house. 

With the help of many friends who pooled together to clean up some fallen trees, our yard looks so much bigger than before, and we have wood to heat the house for the next year.  Who would have thought that four big trees could be cut, split and piled and cleaned up in a few short hours.  This is just one example of how friendships and social networking can help you accomplish what you want and need to do (I have always placed a high value on friendships but have come to learn and experience that they are truly invaluable, and I cannot thank them enough.  When you're in need of anything, all you have to do is ask a friend for help.). 

With Christmas just a month away, it is now time to start decorating - but only after we do some room shifting...